About Us


At LU Collections, everything we do is underpinned by three guiding principles: simple design; rigorous attention to detail of all aspects of the production process; and the ability to distribute to an extensive retail network.

We work hard to streamline the design and manufacturing process, allowing us to create low-priced, high-quality products that are beautifully simple and stylish, free of gratuitous features or unnecessary extras.

Under official license from Transport for London we have developed product ranges across homeware, travel, stationery and gifts. Phase one of our two opening collections features a timeless selection of innovative products based on two quintessentially London styles.

The Tube Line Collection incorporates the simplicity of the iconic London Underground “roundel” with the instantly recognisable colour palette of the tube lines.

The Johnston 100 Collection is ageless, modern and beautiful featuring Johnston Sans, one of the most recognisable typefaces in the world. In its simplicity and style, the designer Edward Johnston, unknowingly produced one of the world’s most perennial corporate identities. More than a hundred years later, our designs celebrate this most revered and enduring typeface, and its arrival into a new era.

    At LU Collections we take great pride in offering our stunning products in a vast array of colours, styles and sizes to suit any style. The first phase of the launch includes mugs, tea towels, travel accessories (luggage tags, passport holders, small zipped pouches, large zipped pouches, wallets) and stationery (A5 and A6 notebooks and pencils), with further ranges being launched next year.




    The 'Roundel', the symbol of the London Underground is instantly recognisable around the world. Equally the millions of travellers using this extensive railway network recognise each of the different lines simply by the colour connected to it. A new colour and therefore a new line will be introduced to London in 2019 with the opening of the much anticipated 'Elizabeth Line' represented by the colour purple (pantone 266C).






    The Journey

    .A design as quintessentially British as the double decker bus or the black cab, Johnston Sans is one of the most recognisable typefaces in the world - yet how many of us could put a name to it? Or, fewer still know anything of the history of this iconic design? For most Londoners, it is quite simply the typeface for the London Underground, signposting our daily lives around this great city for the past hundred years.
    Created in 1916, this sans serif typeface, named Johnston Sans after its designer Edward Johnston, unified signage across the London Underground network. However, Johnston’s typeface was not universally popular at first. His use of sans serif, at the time considered to be a more basic form of lettering, certainly divided opinion.
    Yet Johnston’s creation was undeniably light years ahead of its time. Ageless, modern and beautiful, it sparked a revolution in communication and went on to popularise the sans serif style. In its simplicity, Johnston unknowingly produced one of the world’s most perennial corporate identities.
    A hundred years on, in commemoration of its centenary, Johnston Sans has been brought right up to date with the creation of the Johnston 100, with the addition of the everyday symbols that reflect the digital world we live in, like the # and @.
    Our designs celebrate one of the world’s most revered and enduring typefaces, and its arrival into a new era. Johnston Sans has inspired the lives of Londoners and its visitors since 1916 – long may it continue to do so.